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David’s Story

On Labor Day of 2011, David stood atop the beautiful summit of Mount Rainier. At 14,411 feet, he kicked off a new passion in life that would lead him to adventures around the world. Within 1 year of his first summit, David had climbed the top 5 peaks in the continental US, and was planning his first international trip. To date, he has summited the  peaks in 8 countries across 4 continents and has summited 2 of the famed “7 summits” of the world.

Minnesotan born and raised, David grew up in the (small at the time) town of St. Michael. He currently lives in Cold Spring, MN with his fiance and 5 year old step son. David is now one of the top real estate agents in central MN and is the lead agent of the Summit Real Estate Team at Edina Realty. Named for his passion, the Summit Real Estate Team has garnered an impressive reputation and following with it’s past clients.

Inspiration struck and he made the decision to redirect his life and his health that he had been neglecting for so long.  Discovering his athletic potential at 25 years old, he fell in love with mountaineering and the physical and mental challenges it brings. Realizing the mental aspect of true self improvement, he was able to change his entire outlook on life, and challenges that we see every day. Mountaineering is the ultimate embodiment of perseverance and dedication overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles in life. With the lessons learned in the mountains, he started the Summit Real Estate Team and has grown it into what it is today! 

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